Mitchell Spivak

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Enzyme immunoassay (EIA) using recombinant antigens for the detection of Treponema pallidum-specific antibodies in sera of syphilis patients was developed. Four low-molar-mass Treponema antigens (Tp15, Tp17, TmpA, Tp47) were investigated; 17- and 47-kDa proteins were demonstrated as immunodominant as they permitted to obtain the most sensitive EIA. Using a(More)
The influence of nanocrystalline cerium dioxide (NCD, 1 and 100 mg/kg per os daily for 10 days) on morphofuctional state of reproductive system was investigated in ageing male rats. It has been established that activation of hormone-producing testicular Leydig's cells, as well as of secretory and proliferative processes in prostate, underlies the(More)
The effect of a mixture of probiotic strains (2:1:1 Lactobacillus casei IMVB-7280, Bifidobacterium animalis VKL, Bifidobacterium animalis VKB) on the development of experimental obesity in rats induced by neonatal administration of monosodium glutamate has been studied. It was shown that in rats of 4 months age, the injection of monosodium glutamate (4(More)
To reveal Herpes simplex virus 2 specific IgG and to determine their avidity the ELISA test-kit was constructed using recombinant protein gG2 (PSC SPC Diaproph-Med). Using this test-kit the distribution of specific antibodies with different avidity indexes was investigated in practically healthy donor samples. It is possible to use the mentioned ELISA(More)
Molecular biological peculiarities of interferon system function in PV-infected persons have been found. It is evident that the interferon production, anti-inflammatory cytokines and their receptors and also defensines play an important role in the mechanism of virus interaction with sensitive cells of macroorganism with development of pathological process.(More)
In patients with preasthma and bronchial asthma, short-term courses of fasting dietotherapy (FDT) with a 7-day fasting period proved to be effective, as evidenced by clinical-and-functional and laboratory investigations. The incidence rate of viral infections was much lower with short-term courses compared to long-term courses. Too low an effect, if any,(More)
In experiments on two model systems L929/VSV and RF/ HSV-1 in vitro we have studied the antiviral activity of new structural analogues of tilorone--4,4'-bis[2-(diethyl-amino)ethoxy]diphenyl dihydrochloride and 2-methoxy-carbonyl-4-4'-bis[2-(diethylamino)ethoxy]diphenyl dihydrochloride. In experiments the tested substances were administered in preventive and(More)