Mitchell Ratner

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In this paper, principal components analysis and Granger causality tests are used to study the portfolio diversification implications of the co-movements of sector indexes in the US, UK, German, French, and Japanese stock markets in bull and bear markets. We find that, in a bull market, investors can obtain more benefit with global diversification than with(More)
Clinical evidence has been analyzed for 325 patients with chronic glomerulonephritis confirmed histologically. It was established that chronic glomerulonephritis (CG) associated with hematuria exhibits some specific characteristics: great ability for maximal osmotic concentration and partial ability for ammonium excretion in membranoproliferative CG without(More)
We describe the NASA/Stanford gyroscope relativity mission, Gravity Probe B (GP-B), and provide an overview of the following series of six astrometric and astrophysical papers that report on our radio observations and analyses made in support of this mission. The main goal of this 8.5 year program of differential very long baseline interferometry astrometry(More)
Improvements in the technique of high precision diierential astrometry in VLBI based on the use of triangles of radio sources are reported. Such geometry provides new constraints by taking advantage of \closure". Results on the relative separations (ranging from 4.6 to 6.8 degrees) of the sources in the triangle 1803+784/1928+738 /2007+777 from(More)