Mitchell R Weinstein

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We report transient changes in computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans in a patient with focal status epilepticus, referred to us with a tentative diagnosis of neoplasm based on CT and angiographic findings. EEG seizures originated independently from each temporal-occipital area, predominantly from the right. Previous EEGs had(More)
BACKGROUND Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of the motor cortex appears to alter pain perception in healthy adults and in patients with chronic neuropathic pain. There is, however, emerging brain imaging evidence that the left prefrontal cortex is involved in pain inhibition in humans. OBJECTIVE Because the prefrontal cortex may be involved in(More)
BACKGROUND Streptococcus iniae is a pathogen in fish, capable of causing invasive disease and outbreaks in aquaculture farms. During the winter of 1995-1996 in the greater Toronto area there was a cluster of four cases of invasive S. iniae infection in people who had recently handled fresh, whole fish from such farms. METHODS We conducted a prospective(More)
The 143 cases of lithium use during pregnancy collected by the Register of Lithium Babies show that infants exposed to lithium appear to have a higher than expected ratio of cardiovascular anomalies to all anomalies and may have an increased risk of congenital heart disease. The authors believe that these findings justify a conservative policy on the use of(More)
Dokdonella koreensis is a non-spore-forming, aerobic, Gram-negative bacillus that was initially isolated from soil. The pathogenicity of this organism in humans remains unclear. The authors report a case of successfully treated D koreensis bacteremia in a patient with a hematological malignancy who presented with a fever and palmar-plantar(More)
Extent of resection in temporal lobectomy has been traditionally based on intraoperative linear measurements. The complex geometrical contour of the temporal lobe limits the precision and accuracy of such measurements, and it is often difficult to verify the extent of actual resection after surgery. The authors propose a new method of evaluating extent of(More)
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