Mitchell R. Rosen

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The selection of metrics for spectral matches is fundamental to MVSI (multi-channel visible-spectrum imaging) otherwise known as spectral imaging. The metrics used for spectral matches can impact everything from the selection of the filters used for multi-channel capture to the evaluation of the spectral estimation. However, there is, as yet, no consensus(More)
Two alternative systems for spectral reconstruction of scene reflectances are compared. Both approaches utilize a CCD camera modulated by a set of filters after which a system model is applied to derive a pixel-by-pixel estimation of scene reflectance spectra. The qualitative difference between the filter sets for the pair of approaches warrants the current(More)
Isometric embedding of non-Euclidean color spaces into Euclidean color spaces is investigated. Owing to regions of nonzero Gaussian curvature within common non-Euclidean color spaces, we focus on the determination of transformations into Euclidean spaces with minimal isometric disagreement. A computational method is presented for deriving such a color space(More)
Efforts to apply an end-to-end color reproduction system using multi-channel visible-spectrum imaging to a van Gogh self-portrait at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., have been under way at the Munsell Color Science Laboratory. The goal was to perform preliminary experiments by imaging a target consisting of pigments based on direct spectral(More)
A filter optimization was investigated to design a set of filters for a five channel multi-spectral camera, three of which result in high colorimetric performance when used alone, and the full set having high quality spectral performance. Each candidate filter was selected from a set of 33 glass filters with three different thicknesses where filters may be(More)