Mitchell P. Marcus

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There is a growing consensus that significant, rapid progress can be made in both text understanding and spoken language understanding by investigating those phenomena that occur most centrally in naturally occurring unconstrained materials and by attempting to automatically extract information about language from very large corpora. Such corpora are(More)
The Penn Treebank has recently implemented a new syntactic annotation scheme, designed to highlight aspects of predicate-argument structure. This paper discusses the implementation of crucial aspects of this new annotation scheme. It incorporates a more consistent treatment of a wide range of grammatical phenomena, provides a set of coindexed null elements(More)
OntoNotes is a five year multi-site collaboration between BBN Technologies, Information Sciences Institute of University of Southern California, University of Colorado, University of Pennsylvania and Brandeis University. The goal of the OntoNotes project is to provide linguistic data annotated with a skeletal representation of the literal meaning of(More)
Eric Brill introduced transformation-based learning and showed that it can do part-ofspeech tagging with fairly high accuracy. The same method can be applied at a higher level of textual interpretation for locating chunks in the tagged text, including non-recursive “baseNP” chunks. For this purpose, it is convenient to view chunking as a tagging problem by(More)
The CoNLL-2011 shared task involved predicting coreference using OntoNotes data. Resources in this field have tended to be limited to noun phrase coreference, often on a restricted set of entities, such as ACE entities. OntoNotes provides a large-scale corpus of general anaphoric coreference not restricted to noun phrases or to a specified set of entity(More)
The problem of quantitatively comparing tile performance of different broad-coverage grammars of English has to date resisted solution. Prima facie, known English grammars appear to disagree strongly with each other as to the elements of even tile simplest sentences. For instance, the grammars of Steve Abney (Bellcore), Ezra Black (IBM), Dan Flickinger(More)
The OntoNotes project is creating a corpus of large-scale, accurate, and integrated annotation of multiple levels of the shallow semantic structure in text. Such rich, integrated annotation covering many levels will allow for richer, cross-level models enabling significantly better automatic semantic analysis. At the same time, it demands a robust,(More)
With growing interest in Chinese Language Processing, numerous NLP tools (e.g. word segmenters, part-of-speech taggers, and parsers) for Chinese have been developed all over the world. However, since no large-scale bracketed corpora are available to the public, these tools are trained on the corpora with different segmentation criteria, part-of-speech(More)
We present a two stage parser that recovers Penn Treebank style syntactic analyses of new sentences including skeletal syntactic structure, and, for the first time, both function tags and empty categories. The accuracy of the first-stage parser on the standard Parseval metric matches that of the (Collins, 2003) parser on which it is based, despite the data(More)