Mitchell L. Schare

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This study was conducted to examine the effects of the "near miss," when a player almost wins, and the "big win," a large early monetary gain, on persistence at slot machine gambling. One hundred eighty male and female undergraduates played a 4-wheel computerized slot machine. A 2 x 3 randomized factorial design and an acquisition-extinction procedure were(More)
The effects of exposure to two classes of smoking-relevant cues (environmental; negative affect) on desire to smoke and smoking topography were evaluated. Sixty chronic smokers were randomly assigned to one of six groups in a two-way ANOVA design in which the salience of environmental cues and presence of negative affective cues were manipulated. This was(More)
"Spectatoring" refers to a cognitive self-absorption, wherein individuals fixate on and carefully monitor personal body parts and/or the adequacy of personal sexual functioning. To examine this process within a university population, undergraduate and graduate students (108 male and 140 female) filled out questionnaires that assessed body image, sexual(More)
Health care providers within psychology currently fall into three dominant practice areas: clinical, counseling, and school psychology. This article reviews data from four different sources-archival descriptions, training curricula, internship and employment outcomes, and professional activities-to examine the overlap among the three practice areas.(More)
The balanced placebo design (BPD) has been used to understand the etiology and maintenance of alcohol consumption. The utility of this design lies in its ability to examine both actual alcohol consumption and the expectation of alcohol consumption. A meta-analysis of the BPD literature was conducted in the context of cue-reactivity, which may be(More)
Few studies have examined mood state-dependent retention—the notion that when the affective states accompanying learning and remembering are the same, information will be retained better than when they differ. Three experiments were conducted to examine state-dependent retention using a simple mood induction procedure and an unselected population of college(More)
An Internet survey was conducted to validate the Flight Anxiety Situations Questionnaire (FAS; Van Gerwen, Spinhoven, Van Dyck, & Diekstra, 1999) as a clinical identification measure for aviophobia. Nine hundred and seventy six people completed the survey. Using further criteria, the total pool was reduced to 98 aviophobics and 474 non-phobics. Receiver(More)
Alcohol's Stress-Response-Dampening (SRD) effect has been the subject of much research, but little has been done to examine the effects of drinking alcohol after experiencing a stressor (Stress-Response-Recovery; SRR). In this study, 65 male and 65 female moderate or heavy drinking undergraduates were randomly assigned (with equal numbers of each sex per(More)
Four articles examining methodological applications of exposure therapy and its limited dissemination were briefly reviewed. Methodological articles included those by Abramowitz et al., Gryczkowski et al., and Weiner and McKay, which addressed couple treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), modification of evidence-based anxiety treatments for(More)