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Immatures of the New World treehopper tribe Amastrini (Hemiptera, Membracidae, Smiliinae) with a key to genera
Abstract The immatures stages of 8 of the 11 genera (Amastris Stål, Bajulata Ball, Erosne Stål, Harmonides Kirkaldy, Idioderma Van Duzee, Neotynelia Creão-Duarte & Sakakibara, Tynelia Stål, andExpand
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First Immature of the New World Treehopper tribe Thuridini (Hemiptera, Membracidae, Smiliinae) with a new synonym, a new combination, and a new country record
Abstract The species Thuris depressus Sakakibara (1975) is proposed as a syn. n. of Thuris binodosus (Goding 1926), comb. n. The distribution of the genus is expanded from Brazil and Peru to includeExpand
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Factor structure of the CES-D in an impoverished African American sample
The Center of Epidemiological Studies Depression scale (CES-D) has been used for decades to identify symptomatology of depression in individuals. Overtime, the factor structure of the scale has beenExpand