Mitchell J. Polley

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Inhibitors of the enzyme farnesyltransferase show potential as novel anticancer agents. There are many known inhibitors, but efforts to build predictive SAR models have been hampered by the structural diversity and flexibility of inhibitors. We have undertaken for the first time a QSAR study of the potency and selectivity of a large, diverse data set of(More)
The bacterial replisome is a target for the development of new antibiotics to combat drug resistant strains. The β(2) sliding clamp is an essential component of the replicative machinery, providing a platform for recruitment and function of other replisomal components and ensuring polymerase processivity during DNA replication and repair. A single binding(More)
Although there are a myriad of molecular descriptors for QSAR described in the literature, many descriptors contain similar information as others or are information poor. Recent work has suggested that it may be possible to discover a relatively small pool of 'universal' descriptors from which subsets can be drawn to build a diverse variety of models. We(More)
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