Mitchell Hunt

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BACKGROUND There are many reports of psychological morbidity in spousal carers of patients with dementia. The consequences of this increased stress on the immune system are unclear. We investigated whether antibody responses to influenza vaccination differed between carers and a control group, and the relation of the antibody response to the(More)
STUDY DESIGN Low back pain patients seen in primary care were allocated randomly to one of two educational interventions or to usual care. OBJECTIVE To evaluate educational interventions designed to improve the outcomes of primary care for low back pain. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Patients with back pain are frequently dissatisfied with their medical(More)
New Zealand Obese (NZO) mice are characterised by hyperglycaemia, hyperinsulinaemia and obesity. The blood glucose and plasma insulin levels of these mice can be lowered to levels approaching those normally associated with non-obese mice, by the intra-peritoneal implantation of pancreatic islets from albino mice which have had theirβ-cells selectively(More)
The effectiveness of a training procedure to improve schizophrenic patients' Wisconsin Card Sorting Test performance was investigated. In the absence of the monetary incentive often employed, 10 schizophrenic in-patients' performance improved with training. This study provides further evidence that the cognitive deficiency associated with the frontal lobe,(More)
Diaphragm/spermicide use increases the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI). To determine whether spermicide-coated condoms are also associated with an increased risk of UTI, the authors conducted a case-control study at a large health maintenance organization in Seattle, Washington. Cases were sexually active young women with acute UTI caused by(More)
Impaired work capacity is one of the most common residual impairments encountered after either a severe or moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI), yet no instrument is available for screening TBI victims regarding their readiness to participate in more comprehensive vocational planning and evaluation. In the study reported here, the Functional Assessment(More)
BACKGROUND The improved treatment protocols and subsequent improved survival rates among childhood cancer patients have shifted the focus toward the long-term consequences arising from cancer treatment. Children who have completed cancer treatment are at a greater risk of delayed development, diminished functioning, disability, compromised fundamental(More)
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