Mitchell Green

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Pleasures of the mind are different from pleasures of the body. There are two types of pleasures of the body: tonic pleasures and relief pleasures. Pleasures of the body are given by the contact senses and by the distance senses (seeing and hearing). The distance senses provide a special category of pleasure. Pleasures of the mind are not emotions; they are(More)
A study was carried out assessing the practical use of a simple system of scoring information which can help in making a diagnosis or establishing a prognosis in an individual patient. The system was introduced in 1984 for use in gastroenterology, but it can be employed in a wide range of medical and surgical settings. This series was concerned with(More)
Sir Bernard Tomlinson's report focuses on London's health services, but his proposals have major implications for the future of clinical research--not just in London but in the United Kingdom as a whole. They must be seen in the context of a widely perceived decline in British research and development which also threatens clinical research. This article(More)
Risk prediction is a subject of increasing clinical interest, and publications in this area are likely to have an important influence on patient care in the near future. A multiplicity of risk prediction systems, many of them computer-based, will raise a number of ethical and practical questions. These questions need to be addressed by the originators of(More)
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