Mitchell Denti

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The synthesis and physicochemical properties of a new class of BODIPY-based donor-acceptor π-conjugated polymers are presented. Solution-processed top-gate/bottom-contact (TG-BC) thin-film transistors on flexible plastic substrates exhibit air-stable p-channel activities with charge carrier mobilities as high as 0.17 cm(2) /V·s and current on/off ratios of(More)
A method for determination in vivo of the benzylpenicillin residues in ovine milk at low levels was described. Two groups of Sardinian breed sheep were treated with a dose of penicillin G sodium salt by intramammary infusion and intramuscular administration respectively. The residues were detected by isocratic HPLC method of the extract obtained from a(More)
A facile synthesis of octabromoperylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic dianhydride (Br8-PDA) (1), its diimides (Br8-PDIs) (2a-e), and bis-, tris-, and tetra-amino substituted diimides (5a-c) with six, five, and four remaining substitutable Br atoms, respectively, is reported. Octabromination results in facile chemical/electrochemical reduction, radical anion(More)
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