Mitchell Dayton

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Methodologists have criticized the use of significance tests in the behavioral sciences but have failed to provide alternative data analysis strategies that appeal to applied researchers. For purposes of comparing alternate models for data, information-theoretic measures such as Akaike AIC have advantages in comparison with significance tests.(More)
1. Introduction In professional fields such as education, psychology, sociology, etc., applied statistics courses emphasise developing skills in planning quantitative research studies, properly analysing data, and correctly interpreting the results of analysis. In general, students lack the background which would be required to deal with mathematical(More)
Latent class regression has been reported previously in the literature. Often, however, data are collected from a survey that utilizes unequal selection probabilities that result in complex sample survey data. Techniques for latent class logistic regression utilizing complex survey data have not previously been reported. Additionally, no software is(More)
Traditional methods for evaluating contingency table models based on chi square statistics or quantities derived from them are not attractive in many applied research settings. The two-point mixture index of fit, * , introduced by Rudas, Clogg and Lindsay (RCL: 1994) provides a new way to represent goodness-of-fit for contingency tables. This study: (a)(More)
Current approaches for studying differential item functioning (DIF) using manifest groups are problematic since these groups are treated as homogeneous in nature. Additionally, manifest variables such as sex and ethnicity are proxies for more fundamental differences – educational advantage/disadvantage attributes. A simulation study was conducted to(More)
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