Mitchell Barry

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The purpose of this study was to establish the optimal fixation of tensioned wires to the frame construct in the Ilizarov system. The usual torque to which the fixation bolts were tightened in clinical practice was established by serial testing of orthopaedic surgeons' work in our unit. The force required to produce wire slippage from the different types of(More)
Intramedullary fixation of children's diaphyseal forearm fractures is becoming the surgical technique of choice, in those cases that warrant surgical intervention. This method offers both technical advantages and patient benefits over alternative techniques and implants that have been used in the past. We present a two-centre study assessing the outcome of(More)
A mummy of an Egyptian priestess dating from the 22nd dynasty (c. 770 BC), completely enclosed in an anthropoid (human shaped) coffin, was scanned on a CT scanner. An accurate reconstruction of the cranium was generated from 115 x 2 mm CT images using AVS/Express on a SGI computer. Linear measurements were obtained from six orthogonal cranial views and used(More)
AIM To investigate and compare two specific methods of Ilizarov wire tensioning and hold. METHOD This study utilised the vertical Hounsfield test machine H25KS, a stress/strain device with a load-cell linked to a computer program. Firstly, the department's present mechanical tensioners were assessed. Secondly, the method of twisting the three designs of(More)
The wire-bolt interface in an Ilizarov frame has been mechanically tested. The optimal torque to be applied to the frame locking-bolts during physiological loading has been defined. The set-up configuration was as is used clinically except a copper tube was used to simulate bone. The force-displacement curves of the Ilizarov wires are not altered by(More)
The databases of the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems of two hospitals were searched and all children who had a lateral radiograph of the ankle during their attendance at the emergency department were identified. In 227 radiographs, Bohler's and Gissane's angles were measured on two separate occasions and by two separate authors to allow(More)
This demonstration exhibits a web service application which allows consumers of civic information and municipal administrators to display, distribute, and manage details about local board entities. The application was developed by a group of volunteer citizens associated with Open Nebraska and represents one of the groups' initial efforts to collaborate(More)
Implant based reconstruction (IBR) is the most common form of breastreconstruction. IBR has advantages; uncomplicated surgery, no donor site and goodaesthetic outcome. However, disadvantages include infection with implant loss andphysical limitation to the size of breast which can be used. The use of surgical matricesto increase the size of implants used(More)
Over the past few years there has been a marked increase in the use of intramedullary fixation in the management of fractures of long bones in children. To some extent this reflects a more interventionist attitude among paediatric orthopaedic surgeons but is also due to technical developments, notably that of the elastic stable intramedullary nail (ESIN).(More)
Technicians from one hundred and eighteen Human Tissue Authority (HTA) approved mortuaries licensed to perform post-mortems in England completed a telephone interview. All were questioned on whether they had contact with reusable external fixators, who was responsible for the removal, the number removed annually, and the destination of the fixator(More)