Ayse Batova3
Emmanuel A Theodorakis2
Alice L Yu2
3Ayse Batova
2Emmanuel A Theodorakis
2Alice L Yu
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Renal cell carcinoma (RCC), the most common malignancy of the kidney, is refractory to standard therapy and has an incidence that continues to rise. Screening of plant extracts in search of new agents to treat RCC resulted in the discovery of englerin A (EA), a natural product exhibiting potent selective cytotoxicity against renal cancer cells. Despite the(More)
BACKGROUND Microarray-based pooled DNA experiments that combine the merits of DNA pooling and gene chip technology constitute a pivotal advance in biotechnology. This new technique uses pooled DNA, thereby reducing costs associated with the typing of DNA from numerous individuals. Moreover, use of an oligonucleotide gene chip reduces costs related to(More)
The INK4A locus codes for two independent tumor suppressors, p14ARF and p16/CDKN2A, and is frequently mutated in many cancers. Here we report a novel deletion/substitution from CC to T in the shared exon 2 of p14ARF/p16 in a melanoma cell line. This mutation aligns the reading frames of p14ARF and p16 mid-transcript, producing one protein which is half(More)
Erratum In the original publication of this manuscript [1], Figure 1 Panel C shows three flow cytometry plots. All values reported in the figure are correct, but a duplicate of the EA plot was mistakenly used for the Vincristine plot. This mistake did not affect our results or discussion as the text refers to the correct experimental values. The corrected(More)
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