Mitch Phillipson

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Mortality and cancer incidence were studied in the National Registry for Radiation Workers in, relative to earlier analyses, an enlarged cohort of 174 541 persons, with longer follow-up (to 2001) and, for the first time, cancer registration data. SMRs for all causes and all malignant neoplasms were 81 and 84 respectively, demonstrating a ‘healthy worker(More)
This study uses record linkage between the National Registry of Childhood Tumours (NRCT) and the National Registry for Radiation Workers to re-assess our earlier finding that the offspring of women radiation workers exposed to ionising radiation before the child's conception may be at an increased risk of childhood cancer. An additional 16 964 childhood(More)
An epidemiological study was set up in the 1980s of UK participants in the UK atmospheric nuclear weapons testing programme. A large cohort of test participants was established along with a closely matched comparison or control group. Three analyses of mortality and cancer incidence have been carried out. This review describes the development of the(More)
Cyclofenil diphenol, a weak non-steroidal oestrogen, binds to albumin. In the presence of concentrations of albumin just sufficient to keep cyclofenil diphenol in solution, the compound inhibited the synthesis of [35S]proteoglycans, [3H]glycoproteins, [3H]hyaluronate and [3H]proteins in primary cultures of chondrocytes from the Swarm rat chondrosarcoma in a(More)
The symmetry of the joint distribution of the numbers of crossings and nestings of length 2 has been observed in many combinatorial structures, including permutations, matchings, set partitions, linked partitions, and certain families of graphs. These results have been unified in the larger context of enumeration of northeast and southeast chains of length(More)
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