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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of Thymoglobulin (a rabbit-derived polyclonal antibody) to Atgam (a horse-derived polyclonal antibody) for induction in adult renal transplant recipients. METHODS Transplant recipients (n=72) were randomized 2:1 in a double-blinded fashion to receive Thymoglobulin (n=48) at 1.5 mg/kg(More)
1. Male rats were undernourished either during the gestational and suckling periods or for a period of time immediately following weaning. Some rats were killed at the end of the period of undernutrition; others were nutritionally rehabilitated for lengthy periods of time before examination. Two muscles, the extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and soleus (SOL)(More)
Knowledge of variations in normal human thigh musculature is important for the interpretation of various clinical and biomedical investigations. In this study, cross-sections from whole thighs of 34 cadavers were analyzed qualitatively and morphometrically. Sections were cut from right and left limbs at three levels in the region often used for muscle(More)
Variations in the gross morphology of quadriceps femoris were assessed in 40 cadavers. An additional (fifth) head was present in about one third of the limbs. Distally, fusion between vastus lateralis and vastus intermedius varied from almost complete fusion to less than one third of the interface between the muscles. Discrete tendinous laminae arising from(More)
Duplicate needle biopsies from the lateral portion of quadriceps femoris muscle from 20 young, healthy males were investigated morphometrically and histochemically. Mean results showed both the size and occurrence of the three main fibre types present to be similar to values obtained from a survey of the literature. However, considerable variations in the(More)
This paper summarises a numerical investigation of the short time, possibly transient, behaviour of ensembles of stochastic orbits evolving in xed nonintegrable potentials, with the aim of deriving insights into the structure and evolution of galaxies. The simulations involved three diierent two-dimensional potentials, quite diierent in appearance. However,(More)
1. Genetic selection of broilers may have pushed muscle fibres to their maximum functional size constraints. Broiler (B), female great-grandparent (GGP) and layer (L) lines were weighed, blood sampled and killed from 5 to 25 weeks of age. 2. At 25 weeks, Pectoralis major (Pm) fibre size reached by the B (65.9 microm) and GGP (59.8 microm) were 1.5 times(More)
1. The contractile properties of soleus and extensor digitorum longus muscles from animals at 12 months of age whose mothers had been undernourished during pregnancy and lactation (PU rats) have been compared with those of muscles from ge-matched controls. 2. Body-weight and muscle wet weight of PU rats was significantly reduced. Muscle:body-weight values(More)
Histological, histochemical and morphometric methods were used to investigate the cricopharyngeus muscle in the guinea-pig and to compare it with the extensor digitorum longus and soleus muscles. The cricopharyngeus comprised uniformly small diameter fibres otherwise similar in appearance to those found in skeletal limb muscles. Several fibre type profiles(More)