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Introduction: We have developed methods for detecting craters automatically, focusing specifically on complex Martian landscapes. Mars exploration is planned as the highest priority element of NASA's Solar System Exploration Program for the next two decades. Much of this interest in Mars is based on geological evidence for running water on, or just below ,(More)
The 25 April 1992 magnitude 7.1 Cape Mendocino thrust earthquake demonstrated that the North America-Gorda plate boundary is seismogenic and illustrated hazards that could result from much larger earthquakes forecast for the Cascadia region. The shock occurred just north of the Mendocino Triple Junction and caused strong ground motion and moderate damage in(More)
We report a device to fill an array of small chemical reaction chambers (microreactors) with reagent and then seal them using pressurized viscous liquid acting through a flexible membrane. The device enables multiple, independent chemical reactions involving free floating intermediate molecules without interference from neighboring reactions or external(More)
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