Mitch Dempsey

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Despite the availability of a host of software design notations and associated tools, software developers are known to frequently turn to the whiteboard when faced with a specific design problem. There, they typically engage in an informal form of software design that relies heavily on sketching. However, whereas whiteboards afford flexibility and fluidity,(More)
In this position paper, we present Calico, a sketching tool supporting early software design activities. We first provide background information about early design, including the types of models designers use and the behaviors that they typically exhibit. We then describe Calico’s main features, and how they were designed to support these models and(More)
Software designers frequently sketch when they design, particularly during the early phases of exploration of a design problem and its solution. In so doing, they shun formal design tools, the reason being that such tools impose conformity and precision prematurely. Sketching on the other hand is a highly fluid and flexible way of expressing oneself. In(More)
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