Mitch Bernstein

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BACKGROUND Injection of a bulking agent in the anal canal is an increasingly used treatment for faecal incontinence, but efficacy has not been shown in a controlled trial. We aimed to assess the efficacy of injection of dextranomer in stabilised hyaluronic acid (NASHA Dx) for treatment of faecal incontinence. METHODS In this randomised, double-blind,(More)
The mammalian pelvis is sexually dimorphic with respect to both size and shape. Yet little is known about the differences in postnatal growth and bone remodeling that generate adult sexual dimorphism in pelvic bones. We used Sprague-Dawley laboratory rats (Rattus norvegicus), a species that exhibits gross pelvic size and shape dimorphism, as a model to(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the difference in RF heating of deep brain stimulator (DBS) leads during MRI procedures using head-only transmitting coil versus whole-body transmitting coil. METHODS A DBS lead was inserted into the center of a 3-liter head phantom constructed and filled with gel prepared according the specifications in ATSM standard 2182. The portion(More)
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