Mitasha Singh

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BACKGROUND Tobacco use among youth in India is an increasingly rising burden. It is affected by various socio-demographic factors, which form predictors of use. Focus on these predictors can help policy makers in curbing the major morbidity and mortality due to tobacco among youth. OBJECTIVE To study the various socio- demographic variables associated(More)
BACKGROUND Mental retardation is one of the most common disabilities of childhood. The research on childhood malnutrition and its relationship with cognitive functioning suggests that malnutrition alone does not cause mental retardation. OBJECTIVE To identify the relation between malnutrition and cognition among children from a Sub-Himalayan state in(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that modifiable risk factors which can be targeted by prevention are vascular diseases, such as diabetes, midlife hypertension (HTN), midlife obesity, midlife cholesterol, mid- and late-life depression as well as lifestyle factors such as smoking, physical inactivity, and poor diet. METHODS A comprehensive search of the(More)
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