Mitali Srivastava

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Due to huge, unstructured and scattered amount of data available on web, it is very tough for users to get relevant information in less time. To achieve this, improvement in design of web site, personalization of contents, prefetching and caching activities are done according to user's behavior analysis. User's activities can be captured into a(More)
The theory of evolution is equally well applied on the electronic digital circuit configuration. The genetic algorithm (GA) is an optimization and search technique based on the principles of genetics and natural selection. Genetic algorithm one of the classifications of evolutionary algorithm, is an upcoming area for the designing of reprogrammable(More)
With the exponential growth of information on web, getting relevant information regarding user query through search engines is a tedious job today. Several search engines use link analysis algorithms to rank the web pages according to the need. But these algorithms are still lacking with efficiency, scalability and relevancy issues. This paper put forward(More)
Data preprocessing is considered as an important phase of Web usage mining due to unstructured, heterogeneous and noisy nature of log data. Complete and effective data preprocessing insures the efficiency and scalability of algorithms used in pattern discovery phase of Web usage mining. Data preprocessing generally includes the steps-Data fusion, Data(More)
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