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Tolerance and Reduction of Chromium(VI) by Bacillus sp. MNU16 Isolated from Contaminated Coal Mining Soil
The bacterium MNU16 was isolated from contaminated soils of coal mine and subsequently screened for different plant growth promoting (PGP) activities. The isolate was further identified by 16S rRNAExpand
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Antibiotic Resistance Profile, Outer Membrane Proteins, Virulence Factors and Genome Sequence Analysis Reveal Clinical Isolates of Enterobacter Are Potential Pathogens Compared to Environmental
Outer membrane proteins (OMPs) of gram-negative bacteria play an important role in mediating antibacterial resistance, bacterial virulence and thus affect pathogenic ability of the bacteria. Over theExpand
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Association study of multiple antibiotic resistance and virulence: a strategy to assess the extent of risk posed by bacterial population in aquatic environment
The present study explored the association between multiple antibiotic resistance (MAR) index and virulence index to determine what percent of environmental antibiotic-resistant (eARB) bacteria couldExpand
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Avenues of the membrane transport system in adaptation of plants to abiotic stresses
Abstract Abiotic stress imposed by many factors such as: extreme water regimes, adverse temperatures, salinity, and heavy metal contamination result in severe crop yield losses worldwide. Plants mustExpand
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Draft Genome Sequences of Nonclinical and Clinical Enterobacter cloacae Isolates Exhibiting Multiple Antibiotic Resistance and Virulence Factors
ABSTRACT Enterobacter spp. have been implicated as opportunistic pathogens which over the years have gained resistance toward most of the available therapeutic drugs. We sequenced twoExpand
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Efflux mediated colistin resistance in diverse clones of Klebsiella pneumoniae from aquatic environment.
The peptide drug colistin is commonly used to treat carbapenem resistant gram negative bacterial infections. In the present study, we report efflux mediated colistin resistance in multidrug resistantExpand
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Antibiotic resistance determinants and clonal relationships among multidrug-resistant isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae.
In the present study, we performed PCR based screening to determine the presence of antibiotic resistance genes and sequencing to find mutation in QRDR region among fourteen isolates of K.Expand
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Retrospective study on clonal relationship of multidrug‐resistant Klebsiella spp. indicates closed circulation and initiation of clonal divergence
Purpose. Antibiotic resistance patterns often exhibit geographical variations. Periodic analyses of resistance spectra and phylogenetic trends are important guides for facilitating judicious use ofExpand
Bilateral Maxillary Central Incisor Impaction associated with Developing Supernumerary Premolars in the Mandibular Arch
Impaction of maxillary permanent incisor is not a frequent case in dental practice, but its treatment is challenging because of its importance to facial esthetics. Various local causes responsibleExpand
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Draft Genome Sequences of Clinical and Nonclinical Isolates of Klebsiella spp. Exhibiting Nonheritable Tolerance toward Antimicrobial Compounds
ABSTRACT A clinical isolate and a nonclinical isolate of Klebsiella pneumoniae were found to exhibit nonheritable tolerance in response to antimicrobial compounds. The draft genome sequences of bothExpand