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— A novel approach for recognition of handwritten compound Bangla characters, along with the Basic characters of Bangla alphabet, is presented here. Compared to English like Roman script, one of the major stumbling blocks in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of handwritten Bangla script is the large number of complex shaped character classes of Bangla(More)
The paper presents a two stage classification approach for handwritten devanagari characters The first stage is using structural properties like shirorekha, spine in character and second stage exploits some intersection features of characters which are fed to a feedforward neural network. Simple histogram based method does not work for finding shirorekha,(More)
A novel text line extraction technique is presented for multi-skewed document images of handwritten English or Bengali text. It assumes that hypothetical water flows, from both left and right sides of the image frame, face obstruction from characters of text lines. The stripes of areas left unwetted on the image frame are finally labelled for extraction of(More)
The work presents the results of an investigation conducted to compare the performances of the Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP) and the Nearest Neighbor (NN) classi-fier for handwritten numeral recognition problem. The comparison is drawn in terms of the recognition performance and the computational requirements of the individual classi-fiers. The results show(More)
This paper deals with a new method for recognition of offline Handwritten non-compound Devnagari Characters in two stages. It uses two well known and established pattern recognition techniques: one using neural networks and the other one using minimum edit distance. Each of these techniques is applied on different sets of characters for recognition. In the(More)
Keyphrases provide a simple way of describing a document, giving the reader some clues about its contents. Keyphrases can be useful in a various applications such as retrieval engines, browsing interfaces, thesaurus construction, text mining etc.. There are also other tasks for which keyphrases are useful, as we discuss in this paper. This paper describes a(More)
—In this paper a scheme for offline Handwritten Devnagari Character Recognition is proposed, which uses different feature extraction methodologies and recognition algorithms. The proposed system assumes no constraints in writing style or size. First the character is preprocessed and features namely : Chain code histogram and moment invariant features are(More)
In this work we investigate a novel approach to handle the challenges of face recognition, which includes rotation, scale, occlusion, illumination etc. Here, we have used thermal face images as those are capable to minimize the affect of illumination changes and occlusion due to moustache, beards, adornments etc. The proposed approach registers the training(More)