Mita Nasipuri

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A novel text line extraction technique is presented for multi-skewed document images of handwritten English or Bengali text. It assumes that hypothetical water flows, from both left and right sides of the image frame, face obstruction from characters of text lines. The stripes of areas left unwetted on the image frame are finally labelled for extraction of(More)
A novel approach for recognition of handwritten compound Bangla characters, along with the Basic characters of Bangla alphabet, is presented here. Compared to English like Roman script, one of the major stumbling blocks in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of handwritten Bangla script is the large number of complex shaped character classes of Bangla(More)
In this paper, we present an OCR for handwritten Devnagari characters. Basic symbols are recognized by neural classifier. We have used four feature extraction techniques namely, intersection, shadow feature, chain code histogram and straight line fitting features. Shadow features are computed globally for character image while intersection features, chain(More)
Keyphrases provide a simple way of describing a document, giving the reader some clues about its contents. Keyphrases can be useful in a various applications such as retrieval engines, browsing interfaces, thesaurus construction, text mining etc.. There are also other tasks for which keyphrases are useful, as we discuss in this paper. This paper describes a(More)
A rule-based expert system which uses generalized modus ponens (GMP) from fuzzy logic as a rule of inference is described here for classification of abnormalities related to rhythm disorder in the human heart, through interpretation of the patient's electrocardiographic (EGG) patterns. Application of GMP makes diagnosis of a wide range of variations in the(More)
The work presented here involves the design of a Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP) based classifier for recognition of handwritten Bangla alphabet using a 76 element feature set Bangla is the second most popular script and language in the Indian subcontinent and the fifth most popular language in the world. The feature set developed for representing handwritten(More)
Generating inferences from a gene regulatory network is important to understand the fundamental cellular processes, involving gene functions, and their relations. The availability of time-series gene expression data makes it possible to investigate the gene activities of the whole genomes. Under this framework, gene interaction is explained through a(More)
In this work a novel method for human face recognition that is based on fuzzy neural network has been presented. Here, Gabor wavelet transformation is used for extraction of features from face images as it deals with images in spatial as well as in frequency domain to capture different local orientations and scales efficiently. In face recognition problem(More)