Misun Yu

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Sensor networks are specially constructed networks for collecting data from sensor nodes and delivering it to sink nodes at the end. Each nodes in a sensor network are small embedded systems, which require wireless communication among them with limited hardware constraints. If programmers develop sensor network applications for a large-area sensor network,(More)
Existing sensor network simulators are not appropriate for indoor sensor network systems. We present RealSSim, the sensor network simulator especially developed for indoor sensor networks. RealSSim considers the structure of buildings and the quality of construction materials for accurate radio propagation analysis. It also supports an attractive(More)
—Widespread powerful mobile devices and the advanced technologies in wireless mesh networks (WMNs) open a new scenario where users require audio/video group chatting with their neighbors anywhere without the need of fixed communication infrastructure. However, development of audio/video group chat applications for WMNs are still challenging because the(More)
Fixing a non-deadlock concurrency bug is a difficult job that sometimes introduces additional bugs and requires a long time. To overcome this difficulty and efficiently perform fixing jobs, engineers should have broad knowledge of various fix patterns, and the ability to select the most proper one among those patterns based on quantitative data gathered(More)
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