Missiani Ochwoto

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Kenya is one of the high endemic zones for hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. The consensuses on prevalence of the HBV genotypes and the existence of their variants have not been fully established in Kenya. Hence, there is a need to further monitor the diversity of HBV. This study aimed to extend the current molecular and epidemiological information about(More)
BACKGROUND Hand hygiene is known to be effective in preventing hospital and community-acquired infections. The increasing number of hand sanitizer brands in Kenyan hospitals and consumer outlets is of concern. Thus the main aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-bacterial efficacy and organoleptic properties of these hand sanitizers in Kenya. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Hepatitis B Viral Infection (HBV) remains one of the leading cause of morbidity and mortality globally accounting for 38-53% of chronic liver diseases and about 686,000 deaths annually. The prevalence of HBV is 9-20% in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in Kenya it is 5-30% among the general population and 9.4% among pregnant women. This study was aimed(More)
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