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'Fiber fuse' in optical fibers is known to be a catastrophic damage phenomenon. Once initiated it destroys a large length of the fiber and hampers the operation of the link; which is resumed only after replacement of the fiber. As the exact causes of the initiation of the fiber fuse phenomenon are not known, the current methods to protect the fiber and the(More)
Oral cancer is most common type of cancer found worldwide. In order to detect in early stage the method of bioimpedance of tongue will be measured at different frequencies. The impedance of tongue of patient will be measured by using disposable probes made up of silver. By using values of four electrical parameters are measured namely impedance, phase(More)
Presence of harmonics in a power system is a major concern to power engineers for many years. With increasing use of nonlinear loads in power systems, the harmonic pollution becomes more serious. When the magnitudes and orders of harmonics are known, reconstructing the distorted waveform is simple. Adding the harmonics together, point by point, produces the(More)
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