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(a) The investigators agree that self-reported digit lengths show poor agreement with those measured by researchers (Manning et al, 2005; Caswell and Manning, 2009). Their rationale for using this method is that a larger study population may provide that correlation. It may have been better to achieve that correlation first, rather than carry out a study(More)
The authors describe a patient who had epiphora and lacrimal outflow obstruction associated with proptosis and prolapse of orbital fat into the eyelids. The patient's puncta remained opposed throughout the blink cycle. A bilateral transcutaneous orbital fat decompression was done via upper eyelid crease and lower eyelid infraciliary incisions. Significant(More)
Speech is one of the natural forms of communication. Recent development has made it possible to use this in the security system (military application) and controlling devices (home automation). In speech recognition, our main task is to recognize the identity of the person from the sample in which voice of various speakers has been recorded. An important(More)
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