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Nowadays, there is a rapid increase in usage of the embedded systems in consumer, industrial, automation and commercial applications. Linux being an open source and fastest growing operating system supports many hardware architectures. The flexibility it offers for the developers makes Linux the default choice for many embedded system boards. There is a(More)
Arginase regulates arginine metabolism, ornithine-urea cycle, and immunological surveillance. Arginase-I is predominant in cytosol, and arginase-II is localised in the mitochondria. A mitochondrial membrane-bound arginase has also been proposed to be adsorbed with outer membrane of mitochondria which gets released by 150 mM potassium chloride (KCl). It is(More)
  • D Aruna Kumari, Rajasekhara Rao, M Suman
  • 2012
Large Volumes of personal data is regularly collected from different sources and analyzed by different types of applications using data mining algorithms , sharing of these data is useful to the application users.On one hand it is an important asset to business organizations and governments for decision making at the same time analysing such data opens(More)
In now a days Password authentication plays a vital role typing biometrics as a transparent layer of user authentication for security. Keystroke authentication provides security to the applications like electronic mail, banking and any other web services etc., There are several types of techniques to protect our passwords but it can be easily hacked by the(More)
— There is a growing demand for network devices capable of examining the content of the Data packet in order to improve the network security and provide application specific services. Most high performance systems that perform deep packet inspection implement simple string matching algorithms to match packets against a large but finite set of strings(More)
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