Mishal Almazrooie

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The stream cipher Salsa20 and its reduced versions are among the fastest stream ciphers available today. However, Salsa20/7 is broken and Salsa20/12 is not as safe as before. Therefore, Salsa20 must completely perform all of the four rounds of encryption to achieve a good diffusion in order to resist the known attacks. In this paper, a new variant of(More)
Parallel programming has been extensively applied to different fields, such as medicine, security, and image processing. This paper focuses on parallelizing the Laplacian filter, an edge detection algorithm, using CUDA. We have conducted a performance analysis to benchmark the sequential Laplacian version against the CUDA parallel approach. Results show(More)
Genetic algorithms (GAs) have been applied by many researchers to get an optimized solution for hard problems such as Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). The selection method in GA plays a significant role in the runtime to get the optimized solution as well as in the quality of the solution. Stochastic Universal Selection (SUS) is one of the selection(More)
To evaluate the security of a symmetric cryptosystem against any quantum attack, the symmetric algorithm must be first implemented on a quantum platform. In this study, a quantum implementation of a classical block cipher is presented. A quantum circuit for a classical block cipher of a polynomial size of quantum gates is proposed. The entire work has been(More)
In this paper, a fast and practical GPU-based implementation of Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) clustering algorithm for image segmentation is proposed. First, an extensive analysis is conducted to study the dependency among the image pixels in the algorithm for parallelization. The proposed GPU-based FCM has been tested on digital brain simulated dataset to segment(More)
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