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The updated results of the precise measurements of the processes e + S performed by the CMD-2 collaboration are presented. The update appeared necessary due an overestimate of the integrated luminosity in previous analyses. 1 deceased-e + e τ , µ e, H H τ , µ e, a) b) Fig. 1. Diagrams of the vacuum polarization contribution to the e + e − → e + e − cross(More)
Traditional wave kinetics describes the slow evolution of systems with many degrees of freedom to equilibrium via numerous weak non-linear interactions and fails for very important class of dissipative (active) optical systems with cyclic gain and losses, such as lasers with non-linear intracavity dynamics. Here we introduce a conceptually new class of(More)
The objective of this study was to examine the impact of dementia on disability progression and mortality, and to analyze the modifying effect of risk factors and extra-individual factors. A sample of 3,403 participants in the PAQUID study was followed for 10 years. Disability was assessed on a 4-grade scale: no disability, disabled only on the(More)
The thermographic examinations of 430 patients with different diseases of the lower extremity vessels have confirmed the diagnostic value of thermography. The method was shown to give the objective assessment of alterations in blood circulation of the lower extremity resulting from a pathological process. It may be widely used for diagnosis and control of(More)
A study was made of some reactions of the child's body to the magnetic field action with the aid of thermography, investigation of the parameters of vegetative functions and determination of the changes in the amount of the formed elements of white blood in 20 normal children and 20 patients aged 6-15 years suffering from chronic gastroduodenal diseases. It(More)
The dependence of acid-formation in the stomach on the blockade of sympathetic innervation of the acid-formation area was investigated in 38 patients in whom the paravertebral novocaine blockade was made at the ThVII-ThIX level in order to cup off the pain syndrome. The control group included 7 patients without diseases of the organs of the(More)
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