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The biological response to prosthetic wear particles is thought to stimulate the bone loss that often leads to prosthetic joint failure. This in vitro study investigates how metal particles corrode under physiological conditions and how biological responses to particles may change as particles age. Cobalt chrome alloy (CoCr) and 316L stainless steel (SS)(More)
The Pharmacia Mono S HR 5/5 column has been optimized for hemoglobin A1c analysis by HPLC by using a much smaller column load, decreased buffer flow rate, and a steeper gradient than was used in previously described methods. Superior chromatographic separation, shorter analysis time, and a greatly extended column life have resulted.
Accurate characterization of thick disc properties from recent kinematic and photometric surveys provides converging evidences that this intermediate population is a sequel of the violent heating of early disc populations by a merging satellite galaxy. The thick disc population is revisited under the light of new data in a number of galactic sample fields.(More)
Stars with planets at intermediate metallicities ([-0.7,-0.2] dex) exhibit properties that differ from the general field stars. Thirteen stars with planets reported in this metallicity range belong to the thick disc, while only one planet have been detected among stars of the thin disc. Although this statistics is weak, it contradicts the known correlation(More)
Quantitative tests for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) RNA in plasma and proviral DNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) provide valuable information on the status of HIV-1 infection. This paper describes tests that were carried out with commercially available materials and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay reader for detecting(More)
The Gaia mission is designed as a Galaxy explorer, and will measure simultaneously, in a survey mode, the five or six phase space parameters of all stars brighter than 20th magnitude, as well as providing a description of their astrophysical characteristics. These measurements are obtained by combining an astrometric instrument with micro-arcsecond(More)
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