Misha Gromov

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Mathematics is about ”interesting structures”. What make a structure interesting is an abundance of interesting problems; we study a structure by solving these problems. The worlds of science, as well as of mathematics itself, is abundant with gems (germs?) of simple beautiful ideas. When and how may such an idea direct you toward beautiful mathematics? I(More)
In this note I study the Sasakian geometry associated to the standard CR structure on the Heisenberg group, and prove that the Sasaki cone coincides with the set of extremal Sasakian structures. Moreover, the scalar curvature of these extremal metrics is constant if and only if the metric has Φsectional curvature −3. I also briefly discuss some relations(More)
This paper is devoted to the study of quotients of finite metric spaces. The basic type of question we ask is: Given a finite metric space M and α ≥ 1, what is the largest quotient of (a subset of) M which well embeds into Hilbert space. We obtain asymptotically tight bounds for these questions, and prove that they exhibit phase transitions. We also study(More)