Misha Brenner

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Penile block has been in use in penile surgery as a technique for perioperative analgesia for 25 years. The authors reintroduced penile block on the Department of Paediatric Anaesthetics and Intensive Care at the University Children's Hospital in Bratislava, Slovakia in June 2004 after 8 years. This prospective open observational study presents their(More)
For patients whose asthma remains in poor control necessitating high utilization of medical services, a referral to a specialized "center of excellence" is often considered. A decade ago, we evaluated our pediatric asthma program of long-term hospitalization (median stay of 75 days) and found significant decreases in subjects' medical utilization following(More)
INTRODUCTION Individuals with social phobia (SP) represent a large group with elevated rates of cigarette smoking and cessation rates lower than that of individuals without psychopathology. For individuals with SP, cigarette smoking may be used to reduce social anxiety in anticipation of and during social situations. However, no study to date has(More)
Recent studies by other investigators have shown that hypertensives are more hostile and anxious than normotensives. The first part of this study examined the relationship between blood pressure measured daily over a one-week period and responses to a series of questions specifically developed to distinguish hypertensives from normotensives. Responses from(More)
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