Mischka Moodley

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BACKGROUND Antibiotic consumption is a major driver of bacterial resistance. To address the increasing burden of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections, antibiotic stewardship programmes are promoted worldwide to rationalize antibiotic prescribing and conserve remaining antibiotics. Few studies have been reported from developing countries and none from(More)
The operculum syndrome, not previously documented as a complication of tuberculous meningitis, is described in a three-year-old African boy. The appearance on CT scan correlates radiographically with anatomical descriptions of the operculum syndrome, and is useful in distinguishing the condition from pseudobulbar palsy.
Three children with the clinical features of the Schwartz-Jampel syndrome are presented, two with classical features and the third with physical and radiological features resembling those found in the Schwartz-Jampel syndrome but myotonia could not be elicited either clinically or electrophysiologically. Various arguments are put forward for the absence of(More)
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