Mischa van den Brand

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This paper describes an in depth analysis of successful and unsuccessful offshore custom software development (CSD) projects. Offshore projects tend to be unsuccessful, because physical, time, cultural, organizational, and stakeholder distances negatively influence communication and knowledge exchange between onshore and offshore project team members. The(More)
This thesis researches communication and coordination in offshore custom software development (CSD) projects. Nowadays, a lot of organizations are offshoring their information technology to countries with low wages. Main reasons for offshoring are cost reduction, entering a large labor pool, increasing international opportunities, increasing the quality of(More)
Many organizations are currently deciding whether to insource or outsource their IS function or parts thereof, but are unsure as to what kind of organizational structure to arrange for sourcing and where to locate the sourced activities. To assist in this matter, several IT consultancy firms are providing sourcing consultancy to their clients, resulting in(More)
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