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We have previously demonstrated that firefly luciferase can be imported into peroxisomes of both insect and mammalian cells. To determine whether the process of protein transport into the peroxisome is functionally similar in more widely divergent eukaryotes, the cDNA encoding firefly luciferase was expressed in both yeast and plant cells. Luciferase was(More)
The Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium (GOC, http://www.geneontology.org) is a community-based bioinformatics resource that classifies gene product function through the use of structured, controlled vocabularies. Over the past year, the GOC has implemented several processes to increase the quantity, quality and specificity of GO annotations. First, the number of(More)
Maize streak virus (MSV) is transcribed bidirectionally from an intergenic region and rightward transcription produces an RNA that encodes the coat protein. The intergenic region contains promoter elements required for rightward transcription including an upstream activating sequence (UAS) which endows the promoter with full activity in a maize transient(More)
BACKGROUND Intermittent work breaks are common in fields with high workload but not yet for surgeons during operations. We evaluated the effects of intraoperative breaks during complex laparoscopic surgery (5 min every half hour) on the surgeon. METHODS Fifty-one operations were randomized to a scheme with intraoperative breaks and release of the(More)
INTRODUCTION We recently reported that 5-minute work breaks every 25 minutes during long lasting laparoscopy in children (intermittent pneumoperitoneum [IPP] scheme) decrease the surgeon's stress markers such as saliva cortisol and heart rate and improve time-concentration scores significantly. Data on the impact of breaks on the patient and on the(More)
In a variety of human tumors, expression of splice variants of the adhesion molecule CD44 (CD44v) has been described as correlating with tumor progression. Here, we report on the expression of CD44v in melanocytes, nevi, primary melanomas, and cutaneous and lymph node metastases. Thirteen nevi, 65 primary melanomas of varying thickness, 39 cutaneous and 15(More)
Intraoperative ultrasonography is a potentially useful tool for the neurosurgeon faced with the task of finding and removing small subcortical brain tumors. With the B-mode real-time sector scan equipment now available, satisfactory images of the intracranial contents can be obtained. Others have reported obtaining images by applying the transducer directly(More)
Sonography was used to evaluate 28 patients (age range, newborn to 16 years) with mediastinal and juxtacardiac masses and disease processes, partial or complete opacification of a hemithorax, and various juxtadiaphragmatic abnormalities. Technically adequate studies were obtained in 93% of the cases. Sonography was of greatest value in determining the cause(More)
Expression of the firefly luciferase gene in transgenic plants produces light emission patterns when the plants are supplied with luciferin. We explored whether in in vivo pattern of light emission truly reveals the pattern of luciferase gene expression or whether it reflects other parameters such as the availability of the substrate, luciferin, or the(More)
Sonograms of 43 patients with intrinsic and perirenal infectious processes are reviewed. Fourteen had acute pyelonephritis; three, suppurative pyelonephritis; two, focal pyelonephritis; six, renal abscesses; three, infected cysts; six, perinephric abscesses; six, pyonephrosis; and three, chronic pyelonephritis. Sonography had little diagnostic value except(More)