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Sorting is among the most fundamental and well-studied problems within computer science and a core step of many algorithms. In this article, we consider the problem of constructing a secure multi-party computing (MPC) protocol for sorting, building on previous results in the field of sorting networks. Apart from the immediate uses for sorting, our protocol(More)
—Network search makes operational data available in real-time to management applications. In contrast to traditional monitoring, neither the data location nor the data format needs to be known to the invoking process, which simplifies application development, but requires an efficient search plane inside the managed system. The search plane is realized as a(More)
According to WHO, Pharmacovigilance activities are done to monitor detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of any obnoxious adverse reactions to drugs at therapeutic concentration on animal and human beings. However, there is also a growing focus among scientists and environmentalists about the impact of drugs on environment and surroundings.(More)
(2015). Seeing the system: Dynamics and complexityy of technology integration in secondary schools. Education and Information Technologies, Online first. <a href="http://dx. (2015). The synthesis approach to analysing educational design dataset: Application of three scaffolds to a learning by design task for postgraduate education students. (2014).(More)