Misato Ichikawa

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A novel beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase (GlcNAcase) inhibitor named TMG-chitotriomycin (1) was isolated from the culture filtrate of Streptomyces anulatus NBRC13369. The strain produced 1 only when colloidal chitin was used as the sole carbon source in the production medium. The structure of 1 was determined by spectral and constitutive sugar analyses of the(More)
In the crystal structure of the title compound, [Co(H(2)O)(6)](2)(C(24)H(12)O(16)S(8))·H(2)O, the thia-calix[4]arenetetra-sulfonate (= TCAS(4-)) anions adopt a cone-type conformation with an additional water mol-ecule as a guest mol-ecule in the hydro-phobic cavity. The TCAS(4-) anions are arranged in layers in an up-down fashion. These anionic layers(More)
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