Misao Kataoka

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The differences in the concepts of values which are the basis of human actions are important when we analyze intercultural communication. The purpose of this study is to estimate emphasizing points for decision-making, which is one of the concepts of values. For this purpose, we experimentally investigate how we could estimate discoveries new factors and(More)
In 2003, the Japanese government set an approximate goal of 72,000 social hospitalization in-patients being discharged in 10 years from psychiatric hospitals to the community. To meet this challenge, the clinical pathway (CP) is a useful model for managing the team's progress in providing health care services. High quality discharge planning for patients(More)
In an interactive decision-making process like a face-to-face consultation (a situation in which subjective information can be obtained), we dynamically change the emphasizing points during the interaction in which an adviser provided new information and subjective interpretations. In previous work, we proposed and evaluated a method to dynamically estimate(More)
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