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Eighty-five (85) persons with limb amputation participated in a self-report survey with the aim of describing their physical and psychological status in their sexual life. The questionnaire was organised to reveal not only the physical aspect of sexual life but also life satisfaction. The results indicated that: 1) 43.5% of the respondents talked about(More)
The present study deals with a rapid and convenient assay for blood-brain barrier (BBB)-associated enzymes, γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (γ-GTP) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP), in cultured endothelial cells and other cells. These enzyme activities in cultured cells could be efficiently measured by direct incubation of each substrate in the culture plates(More)
Interactions of lipoproteins containing apolipoprotein (apo) A-I with or without apoA-II with human hepatoma cell line HepG2 were studied to investigate the ligand specificity for high density lipoprotein receptor on human hepatic cells and their metabolism. The two types of lipoproteins were isolated by immunoaffinity chromatography, in which(More)
To elucidate whether mesangial cells have any scavenger functions for modified lipoproteins, surface binding and cholesteryl ester (CE) formation by acetyl-low density lipoproteins (acetyl-LDL) have been studied in cultured rat renal mesangial cells. Specific binding kinetics for acetyl-LDL were observed with Kd = 28.3 micrograms/ml and Bmax = 1.1(More)
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