Misako Urakami

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In recent years, many network systems to provide disaster information have been proposed. However, any network system to provide such real time for rescue activities has not been proposed. Then, this paper proposes a new wireless network system for rescue activities at distressed area. The main feature of our system is, providing sufferes information in(More)
Safety information of evacuees is the most important information for relief activities in disasters. We have discussed about required conditions for computer systems destined for supporting effective relief activities after disasters. In addition, on the basis of this discussion, we also have proposed a network construction algorithm and have performed(More)
Recently, in an assessment of the potential damage that may result from a NANKAI linkage-type earthquake, expected to occur in the future, we became concerned about information isolation that may arise in the case of many islands of Seto Inland Sea. Further, when a disaster strikes an island, a vessel and an operation ship (liner) have been utilized for(More)
We have proposed the shared disaster information service system for exchanging automatic disaster information among all the shelters. However, it is necessary to accumulate much disaster information in the microcomputer which has restriction in data volume. Moreover, the disaster information must be smoothly transmitted in a comparatively low speed wireless(More)
Safety information of evacuee is the most important information in relief activities in a disaster such as earthquake. We have been developing an autonomous disaster information service system using ad-hoc networks that is constructed after the occurrences of a disaster, providing safety information of evacuee in safe shelters. This paper proposes an(More)
In recent years, developments of high-speed network infrastructure have been progressed. However, demands for information retrieval through narrow band lines are still exist as getting safety information in an emergency and information for navigating vessels in the inland sea, since in such situations, improper conditions for networks including traffic(More)
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