Misako Ogino

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Maternal speech to infants of 2 ages in 4 cultures was examined to probe how infant age and cultural variation influence the contents of that speech. Argentine, French, Japanese, and U.S. American mothers were individually videotaped in naturalistic free-play interactions at home with their 5and 13-month-old infants, maternal speech was transcribed, and the(More)
This study investigated and compared ideas about parenting in Argentine, Belgian, French, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, and U.S. mothers of 20-month-olds. Mothers evaluated their competence, satisfaction, investment, and role balance in parenting and rated attributions of successes and failures in 7 parenting tasks to their own ability, effort, or mood, to(More)
The authors examined the case of an adolescent patient with dissociative identity disorder secondary to psychological shock of a transplant rejection response. Psychiatric symptoms consisted of three components: visual hallucinations and delusions as a psychological defense against the anxiety of a transplant rejection; appearance of three personalities(More)
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