Misako Nakamoto

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The sexual plasticity of the gonads is not retained after the completion of sex differentiation in vertebrates, except in some hermaphroditic species. Here, we report that the depletion of estradiol-17β (E2) by aromatase inhibitors (AI) for up to six months resulted in a functional female-to-male sex reversal in sexually-mature adults of two gonochoristic(More)
We proposed a circle canon system for enjoying a musical ensemble supported by a computer and network. Using the song "Frog round", which is a popular circle canon chorus originated from a German folk song, we produced a singing ensemble opportunity where everyone plays the music together at the same time. The aim of our system is that anyone can experience(More)
For copyright protection, the bit pattern is embedded in discrete wavelet transform (DWT) domain by using a secret key sequence. For security, it is desirable to be hard to counterfeit the key sequence. In this work, we consider a watermarking method with a key sequence which is difficult to counterfeit. Additionally, we show the design method of the key(More)
The filter design problem is often formulated in real space (or complex space) whose word length is infinite. However, when implementing a filter in hardware, the frequency characteristic can be degraded caused by finite word-length effect. In this paper, we formulate the filter design problem based on modified least square criterion in the frequency(More)
We treat a digital watermarking in digital still image based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT). For copyright protection, ID is embedded in DWT domain by using key sequence. For security, it is desirable to be hard to counterfeit the key and ID. In this work, we propose a watermarking method with new key sequence in the DWT domain. By using the proposed(More)
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