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Myogenesis is conducted by transcription factors including MyoD and myogenin. Myogenin is known to be polyubiquitinated by SCF (Skp1/Cullin 1/F-box protein) followed by proteasomal degradation, though the participating F-box protein is remaining unidentified. In this study, we found that myogenin in differentiated myoblasts is destabilized by muscle(More)
We found that the levels of all general transcription factors (GTFs) for RNA polymerase II decreased in F9 cells when the cells were subjected to a differentiation procedure. Different from other GTFs, decrease of TFIIB during the differentiation was suppressed by addition of a proteasome inhibitor, MG132. The half-life of TFIIB in the differentiated cells(More)
The causes and effects of transient neonatal ketosis, discovered during a pilot study of screening for abnormalities in neonatal metabolism using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, were investigated. Of the 21,342 neonates that were screened, 47 had significant ketosis. The organic acid profile accompanying ketosis in the urine of neonates followed the(More)
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