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Alkaline-heat-treated titanium self-forms an apatite surface layer in vivo. The aim of the present study was to materialistically characterize the surface of alkaline-heat-treated titanium immersed in simulated body fluid (AHS-TI) and to examine the differentiation behavior of osteoblasts on AHS-TI. SEM, thin-film XRD, FTIR, and XPS analyses revealed that(More)
To elucidate the mechanism of dimensional changes in alginate impression in solutions, the relationship between the ion concentrations in three types of solutions (nonelectrolyte and monovalent and divalent metallic salts) and change in gel volume was examined. The gel in the monovalent metallic salt solution expanded and a decrease in monovalent cation and(More)
To evaluate the effect of the diamond grit size of commercial dental diamond points on the dental cutting, we conducted weight-load cutting tests on bovine enamel and glass-ceramic typodont teeth using 3 different diamond grit sizes and air-bearing and ball-bearing air-turbine driven handpieces. With the transverse load applied on the diamond point varied(More)
SUMMARY In order to obtain insights into the evolution of colorless (apochlorotic) diatoms, we investigated newly established apochlorotic strains of Nitzschia spp. using light and electron microscopy and molecular phylogenetic analyses. Fluores-cence microscopic observations demonstrated that the apochlorotic diatoms lack chlorophylls. Transmission(More)
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