Misael Alejandre-Gómez

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Migration of the external granular layer cells in the cerebellum of rats was delayed after exposure to moderate levels of ethanol during a pre-gestational period, through gestation and lactation until weaning. After ethanol withdrawal, cell soma and dendrites were observed to be larger in granule cells. Likewise, Bergmann glia showed several(More)
Estradiol is known to improve performance of some working memory tasks in female animals and post-menopausal women. In females the main source of estradiol is the ovary. In addition, in both males and females estradiol is synthesized in extragonadal tissues. The role of non-ovarian estradiol synthesis on cognitive abilities has not been adequately explored.(More)
Experimental paradigms conducted to assess the neurotoxic effects of ethanol exposure on hippocampus development have yielded controversial findings. Hippocampal CA1 population and some cytoarchitectural parameters of pyramidal cells were studied after exposure to ethanol during early development, in rats. Examination of 30-day-old offspring of rats exposed(More)
Spines-mediated synaptic activity has been associated to learning ability. Dendritic spines from hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons of proestrus rats have been reported to be more numerous than in estrus animals, but some behavioral studies have reported a better performance during the estrus stage of the estrous cycle. Because spine shape has been shown to(More)
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