Misa Noguchi

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The purpose of our experiment was to examine whether the cyclooxygenase inhibitor indomethacin ameliorates neuronal injury in the gerbil hippocampal CA1 sector following 5 minutes of forebrain ischemia. Thirty minutes before bilateral carotid artery occlusion, Mongolian gerbils were injected intraperitoneally with 1 (n = 10), 2 (n = 10), 5 (n = 12), or 10(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia caused by dolichoectatic vertebrobasilar artery presents a difficult problem because of the immobility and the stiffness of the atherosclerotic vessel walls. METHODS AND RESULTS A patient with trigeminal neuralgia was treated by a new method of vascular decompression. Preoperative studies demonstrated(More)
Immunohistochemical localization of prostaglandin (PG) F2 alpha synthesized during recirculation following experimental forebrain ischemia was studied in Mongolian gerbils. The bilateral carotid arteries were clamped for 5 minutes, and the brains were frozen in situ after 5 minutes of recirculation. Sham-operated gerbils not subjected to arterial occlusion(More)
A case of a 3-year-old boy with transethmoidal encephalocele is presented. The patient was found to have bacterial meningitis, which responded well to an intravenous antibiotics therapy. No physical anomaly was evident on examination but plain skull X-ray film showed cloudiness of the left nasal antrum. Coronal CT scan disclosed a defect in the left(More)
A 64-year-old man was transferred to our division with a suspicion of gastric cancer. Computed tomography showed widespread irregular thickening of the stomach walls close to the liver and pancreas. Gastrointestinal fiberscopy showed a type 5 tumor in the upper to lower stomach, histologically diagnosed as tubular adenocarcinoma. Gastric cancer with hepatic(More)
A 90-year-old woman was admitted to the emergency department of our hospital with abdominal pain and a fever of up to 39°C. She had a history of hysterectomy about 30 years previously, and redness and swelling were seen at the abdominal median scar. Serum biochemistry showed minor elevation of C-reactive protein and creatine phosphokinase. Abdominal(More)
Hydrocephalus associated with spinal tumors is a well known but not common phenomenon. Over 80 such cases have been reported since 1931 by Kirieleis. Most of those cases present features of raised intracranial pressure, for instance papilledema. The histological diagnosis of the tumors is ependymoma (1/2), neurinoma (1/4) and malignant astrocytoma (1/4). On(More)
The treatment of extensive cranial base tumor is still challenging. Wide resection of a cranial base tumor would lead to exposure of the vital structures such as the brain and dura, and would result in a large dead space in the cranium and in the connecting area between the nasal cavity and the intracranial space. Recently free tissue transfer has become a(More)
Metastasis of hepatoma to the central nervous system is rare, although hepatoma is a relatively common malignant tumor in Japan. Much rarer is metastatic hepatoma presenting as intracranial hemorrhage and there have been only 4 cases reported in the past. Here, we report two such rare cases with a literature review. Case 1 was a 26 years-old female with a(More)