Mirzad Mohandespour

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This paper serves as a tutorial lecture on the use of network coding to provide resource efficient, and agile proactive protection. Network coding, which was introduced in [1], allows intermediate network nodes to form linear combinations of packets received on different input links. The use of network coding results in capacity enhancement. This capacity(More)
We build on the framework of joint scheduling and network coding optimization. The formulation is extended to include rate, energy, and delay in network coding and routing paradigms. We then study energy-rate and delay-rate relationships to see how minimum energy and delay change as functions of multicast rate demand. The main observation is that as the(More)
We discuss how the idea of unicast 1+1 protection can be efficiently extended to protect multicast connections in optical backbone networks. Particularly, we show how to achieve instantaneous failure recovery and cost efficiency by allowing intermediate nodes to merge their incoming flows by a simple network code, i.e., logical OR operation. Under simple(More)
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