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It is unclear whether the age-associated reduction in baroreflex sensitivity is modifiable by exercise training. The effects of aerobic exercise training and yoga, a non-aerobic control intervention, on the baroreflex of elderly persons was determined. Baroreflex sensitivity was quantified by the alpha-index, at high frequency (HF; 0.15-0.35 Hz, reflecting(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the reference values of the fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (FENO) among healthy, non-smoking male adults and its correlation with age, height, weight, and body mass index (BMI). METHODS This cross-sectional study was conducted at the Departments of Physiology and Medicine, College of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital,(More)
OBJECTIVES Lung function tests are an important investigative tool in diagnosing respiratory diseases, judging their severity and assessing prognosis. The primary aim of the present study was to assess whether Ramadan fasting affected normal lung function values. METHODOLOGY Forty-six non-smoking healthy males, with a mean age of 24.2 years (SD 6.4 years)(More)
Impairment of pulmonary function in cement mill workers has been previously reported without considering a variety of parameters that can help evaluate more thoroughly the effect of cement dust on the respiratory system. In addition, an integrated approach has not been considered to assert the involvement of respiratory muscles. Therefore, in the present(More)
OBJECTIVE to determine the differences associated with age and endurance exercise training on the baroreflex function of healthy subjects. DESIGN cross-sectional study. SETTING university research department. PARTICIPANTS 26 (10 female) sedentary, healthy, normotensive elderly subjects (mean age 67 years, range 62-81), eight (two female) elderly(More)
1. Nebulized inhaled morphine has been reported to increase exercise endurance in patients with chronic lung disease and to relieve dyspnoea in patients with malignant disease. Potential mechanisms include a central effect occurring after systemic drug absorption or a local action mediated by receptors in the lung. 2. The ventilatory effects of nebulized(More)
There are conflicting reports on the reproducibility of the visual analogue scale (VAS) and the modified Borg scale for the estimation of breathlessness during exercise. In an attempt to clarify the situation, two groups of healthy subjects undertook a progressive exercise test either daily (Group A) or weekly (Group B) on 10 separate occasions.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether Ramadan fasting affects the expiratory flow rates in healthy subjects, and to know if these effects correlate to a change in other variables. METHODS This unmatched case-control longitudinal study includes 46 non-smoking healthy subjects who undertook lung function testing at the Aga Khan University, Pakistan. Expiratory flow(More)