Mirza Biscevic

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INTRODUCTION Acetabular fractures treatment represents a great controversy, challenge and dilemma for an orthopedic surgeon. AIM The aim of the paper was to present the results of treatment of 96 acetabular fractures in the Clinic of Traumatology Banja Luka, in the period from 2003 to 2013, as well as to raise awareness regarding the controversy in the(More)
Technological diseases are diseases of the modern era. Some are caused by occupational exposures, and are marked with direct professional relation, or the action of harmful effects in the workplace. Due to the increasing incidence of these diseases on specific workplaces which may be caused by one or more causal factors present in the workplace today, these(More)
INTRODUCTION Spinal pain is the most common of all chronic pain disorders. Imaging studies can be used to determine whether a pathological process is associated with the patient's symptoms. OBJECTIVE To determine the short-term efficiency of local instillation of steroids in patients with painful spine conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective(More)
INTRODUCTION Correction of pediatric spine deformities is challenging surgical procedures. This fragile group of patients has many risk factors, therefore prevention of most fearing complication-paraplegia is extremely important. Monitoring of transmission of neurophysiological impulses through motor and sensor pathways of spinal cord gives us an insight(More)
INTRODUCTION in fighting sports there are many opened issues related with levels of aggression and anxiety. MATERIAL AND METHODS Our study is performed with healthy young athletes: kick boxers, karate fighters, and boxers. Examined group consisted of 55 members (45 male) with average age of 20.2 +/- 3.8 years. In analysis of level of aggression(More)
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